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3D printing materials - Warsaw

Although just a few years ago 3D modeling may have seemed like a fantastic vision of the future, today 3D printing equipment is used by many of us on a daily basis. This is done both by hobbyists who are passionate about the latest technological achievements, and by companies that produce various plastic details. Thus, at our company based in Warsaw, we have prepared an offer aimed at both enthusiasts and business customers. We sell materials for 3D printing, including primarily various types of filaments, but also spare parts and the printers themselves.


What is 3D printing with the use of filaments?

The basic element of the offer of our 3D printing materials store is a wide range of filaments. These are thermoplastic products in the form of filaments made of a special material susceptible to molding primarily as a result of high temperature. This is because heating the filaments changes their state of aggregation from a solid into a dense substance, which is then layered by the 3D printer, after cooling down to form a specific shape. Thus, in our store in Warsaw you can find products of this kind available in a wide variety of variants.


The range of filaments available at the DoubleM store in Warsaw

To meet the needs of individual and business customers using 3D printing, we have prepared an extensive assortment of filaments from recognized brands. We are a distributor of such manufacturers as Fiberlogy, Nebula, Colorfil and Devil Design, which guarantees excellent quality of 3D printing materials. We offer filaments in a variety of colors, as well as variants, among which we can mention PLA. This plastic is the most ecological, safe material that does not require a heating table. In addition to this, we also sell popular ABS filaments with very high durability, and at the same time low price. However, we encourage you to check our full offer!

3D modeling equipment - printers and spare parts

In addition to selling filaments of respected brands, we also provide the necessary equipment for spatial modeling. Thus, in the offer of our store based in Warsaw, you can find, for example, reliable 3D printers from such proven manufacturers as Prusa or Artillery. What's more, we also distribute spare parts for the equipment - heads, nozzles with different bore diameters, heating blocks, silicone covers, steel heating plates, PTFE tubes, but not only that. We are confident that any customer interested in 3D modeling will choose the ideal product for themselves here. We also provide expert advice if needed, and as enthusiasts, we also provide advice in case of any problems with the operation of the equipment.

Are you a technology enthusiast and need PLA filaments? 3D printing is a technique you use in your business? Feel free to shop with us!

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
I explained my situation and the necessity of materials, and they answered me (also technical things because of a foreign country) All good. Thanks.
Very friendly and reliable service with very short response times. Very happy to order from here.